Corporate Bliss: 10 Things That Make Employees Stay

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A happy heart radiates a happy outlook. Otherwise, everything else fails.

Our workplaces progress so rapidly that everything seems to be in a fast-paced mode, as one takes no more than 30 seconds to absorb enormous amount of information. This might be an exaggeration, however, as you ask for a one- or more-day/s sick or ‘whichever necessary’ leave/s, you’ll understand why.

Corporate Bliss: 10 Things That Make Employees Stay (Info Overload)

You need a break. No, we all need one, sumptuous breather. As we wish to perform harmoniously and productively at the same time, our workplace is our battleground— the alpha and omega of our week-long life goals.

Every employee deserves happiness in whatever they do, as employers are worthy to have loyal and motivated workers. The underlying question is, what makes us stay?

Being transparent
Change is essential and always constant. For any development, we must be informed duly and properly. Nobody wants to lose track and be left behind, right?

Not just clear, but consistent vision
When we don’t know where we are going, we won’t also know why we are doing it. If there’s nothing to inculcate, then there’s no one to motivate. Everything starts with a vision, however a vague one leads to a futile mission.

Friendly environment
A conducive workplace is a heaven on earth. Aside from clutter-free work spaces, cozy pantries and lounges, nothing beats a heartwarming company culture. This is where everyone treats each other with respect and gives right amount of trust, producing professional and constructive feedback during discussions. Another important thing— seeing sweet and genuine smiles in the morning brightens up the whole working day.

Corporate Bliss: 10 Things That Make Employees Stay (Friendly environment)
A space for growth
As long as tasks are intellectually and creatively challenging, our minds keep on moving forward as our hearts flutter for each achievement. Alongside work, trainings and seminars also enrich our acquired knowledge and skills; give us leeway to create something extraordinary.

Sense of belongingness
We all have emotional needs, one of those is our need to belong. We want to feel that our ideas and personalities are being accepted. We want to be part of the team, to meet each other’s objectives, and to make our work life more enjoyable.

Corporate Bliss: 10 Things That Make Employees Stay (Belongingness)

Avoiding micromanagement
Spoon-feeding is such an awful situation to see or experience, for it discourages us to think outside the box. Letting employees do their own task lists, guidelines, and the likes under minimum supervision cultivates collaboration, resourcefulness, creativity, and communication skills. We foster credibility as we accomplish tasks effectively.

Appreciative perks
Sometimes, little means a lot, and so with free, simple snacks. These are boosters to keep us awake and enthusiastic. One may not be aware, but a bread and coffee can bring grateful tears to someone’s eyes.

Corporate Bliss: 10 Things That Make Employees Stay (Company perks)

Supplementing office supplies
From the office, for the office. Whatever we use for our tasks— bond papers, staplers, markers, and others, these must come from our office’s supplies, not from personal pockets. We just have to request for it, politely and nicely.

On time salary
As much as we are compelled to do tasks with hard deadlines, it is frustratingly unjust to receive delayed hard-earned pay. We postpone postponed vacations, and bills/debts and its interests accumulate. Adding salt to the wound, it is such a traumatic experience.

Company surveys
Some may ignore HR’s emails about surveys, but many will definitely respond, especially if this is one of the gentlest ways they can voice out relevant concerns and feedback.

Corporate Bliss: 10 Things That Make Employees Stay (Happy employee)

James Sinegal, co-founder of Costco, said, “When employees are happy, they are your very best ambassadors”. In order for them to stay, make everybody matter.

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