5 Payment Solution Tips to Remember

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Easier payment options define your market reach, customer satisfaction and loyalty.

5 Payment Solution Tips to Remember (Credit Card)

eCommerce offers an easier shopping choice for both household essentials and rare favorites, made a necessity by notoriously heavy traffic in Southeast Asia’s major cities. Growing delivery options significantly decreased delivery time to a day in certain cities. Talk about guilt-inducing shopping options sans the tiring walk and carry, right at your fingertips. This also means that paying should be way easier than queuing for hours in long lines.

5 Payment Solution Tips to Remember (Type)Offer as many payment options
While variety boost up sales, offering varieties of payment options also attracts all types of customers. Cash on delivery lets you attract middle income families that are otherwise wary of credit cards. While payments through payment centers enable customers to think through their purchases and lessens the pressure of otherwise needing to cancel orders.

5 Payment Solution Tips to Remember (Coins)Consider online payment methods

PayPal led the way in popularizing online payments, receiving or transferring cash and funds from border to border with minimal to no extra charge. But PayPal isn’t the only online payment solution. TrueMoney for example by Ascend Group specializes in payment solutions for its Thailand base, with presences in Cambodia, Myanmar and Indonesia, and is set to expand operations in Southeast Asia.

5 Payment Solution Tips to Remember (Checklist)Make payment terms as simple as possible
Just like in literature, keeping things straight and simple always make a great story, a testimonial that is for repeat customers. Customers often get turned off by too many information forms required. Simplify or reduce information required as possible but better yet, auto-generate content in form fields for ease, especially if the information required has been filled in other related websites in the past.

5 Payment Solution Tips to Remember (Online Shopping)Offer staggered credit card payments
Not all credit card owners can afford immediate payments and may opt for laddered payment schemes whenever possible. While banks occasionally introduce downpayment terms for partner businesses, it would be better if your business would be first to implement the measure. Be sure to consult your finance team and banks affiliated in order to avoid unnecessary penalties or faster arrangements.

5 Payment Solution Tips to Remember (Delivery)Make cancellations and refunds easier too
While it hurts to have to cancel orders, accept product returns that may cannot be resold and facilitate refunds, your assistance and speed can make an impression. They can go back soonest and this time purchase successfully in your website. As much as payment terms need to be simple, so too should this otherwise lengthy process in order to translate a cancellation into a future and continuing revenue.

Fruits (Traffic (4 Reasons Why Your Company Should Blog)

Add a bit more customer service and after sales service, now you have a recipe for success. Remember, more than just the offerings and services, it’s the experience that matters most. Take these tips to heart, you’re a step closer to snag that eCommerce success story.

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