8 Reasons Why Great Unique Content Sells

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Bill Gates’ “Content is King” classic statement is more than just being search-friendly, it also means cold hard cash.

8 Reasons Why Great Unique Content Sells (Workspace Writing)


8 Reasons Why Great Unique Content Sells (Google)Appease the “Google gods”
Copy-pasting content from brand websites to your eCommerce platform might be the easier approach of populating content, but it might be doing more harm to your sales. While it’s a eneral principle that more items onboard attracts customers, it cannot be necessarily said of online commerce. While millions of cash are spent on artificial boosting, all you have to do is simply appease Google by placing unique content.

8 Reasons Why Great Unique Content Sells (File Search)Easier searchability
Populating unique content on your website also means a higher concentration of key words. What is a keyword and how relevant is it? Keywords are simply a group of words people input in Google or other search engines to look for an item. Heavier but nevertheless still organic placement of key words increases rankings but not only that, also the probability of being searched in the first place.

8 Reasons Why Great Unique Content Sells (Sales Choices)Increase sales prospect
While businesses bank on too much on branding, we should never forget why items sell: utility. Whether for fun or serious work, understanding also sells. After all, what’s the use of a Macbook, for example, with people always mobile? That’s where creativity does the trick, crafting unique cross-selling propositions that customers may have never though of. Again, on Macbook for “nomads?” Edit and store your best photos yet.

8 Reasons Why Great Unique Content Sells (Customer Engagement)Engage your customers
The hallmark of a successful business is great customer service. Attracting customers is never an end in itself, but a means to kick start a working relationship with not just a customer but a loyal customer. But customer service is not just about answering calls, it’s also about engagement. Posting articles like how to’s or a review and comparison between smartphones, for example, transforms one-time buyers to loyal followers.

8 Reasons Why Great Unique Content Sells (Surf)Surfing like a boss
Why be contented on steady sales, when you can rule online commerce? But, there would be no conquering to do if you bleed wads of cash just to wrestle every space in the internet for banner ads or YouTube video plugs. Producing unique content in form of blogs or articles, apart from classic product descriptions, increases your web authority. Simply put, people don’t just see you as an expert, but as “king” of the industry.

8 Reasons Why Great Unique Content Sells (Marketing Dummy)Marketing for dummies
Certainly, pictures (graphics and infographics at that) paint a thousand words, but which of these words would you want your customers to hear? For eCommerce websites, down to the simplest campaigns, there’s only one message we want customers to hear: BUY. Content and marketing strategies should always work hand in hand in attracting customers and encouraging to not just buy once, but always prefer you.

8 Reasons Why Great Unique Content Sells (Magnet Merchants)Magnet potential merchants
How you utilize contacts speak much about business efficiency, but forget crafty gimmicks. Reverse lead gen strategies from attracting to magnetizing clients. What’s the difference? Clients are as modern as you, they also look to the internet for better selling opportunities. Attracting clients mean wooing through theoretics, but magnetizing them means they come to you because they always see you in the internet!

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However we define advantages of content writing, we will still be left with a 1001 more reasons why it will rock your sales and overall performance. Best of all, it can be done free with a dose of patience and of course, fulfilled and satisfied employees. Speaking of, you might want to check that one out too here.

Stressed? 5 Quick Games to Try In Between Breaks

Stressed? 5 Quick Games to Try Between Breaks (Table Games)

Give your stress wings and let it fly away. -Terri Guillemets

Stressed? 5 Quick Games to Try Between Breaks (Chess)

Doing hard, productive work means taking a bit of rest too. After 10 hours of work, there’s no question that frenetic energy takes over. Talk about lack of sleep, recurring thoughts or that constant thought or compulsion to write out a 5 novel-length random ideas. Take a break, and take it soonest before stress takes over.

If your office procured a PS4 and an Xbox, you’re a lucky dude, and movie nights, luckier. But set aside these crazy technological antics, your string of fun starts with simple card games and a few online or mobile games you can share with friends on multiplayer mode.

Stressed? 5 Quick Games to Try Between Breaks (Monopoly Deal)Monopoly Deal
Become a multi-billionaire in just a few moves, at least for a moment. From the makers of the boardgame Monopoly, Monopoly Deal lets you play and practice your management skills with a variety of action cards that lets you buy, collect rent and even “steal” someone else’s card. With an average playing time of 15 minutes, the game is fit for in-between work breaks.

Panda Pop Stressed? 5 Quick Games to Try Between Breaks (Panda Pop)
Released by Social Gaming Network in 2013, Panda Pop, at a time, was one of the top 20 most downloaded game apps for Android. Panda Pop is also available for download at iOS and Facebook. It revolves around the quest to save baby pandas from an evil baboon, while popping bubbles to beat him. Each game lasts about 5 minutes on average.


Stressed? 5 Quick Games to Try Between Breaks (Jenga)Jenga/Uno Stacko
Which came first, the chicken or the egg? In the case of Jenga and Uno Stacko, it doesn’t matter. Both involve generally similar dynamics, with a player drawing a block each and stacking on top, except that Uno’s version also includes classic card penalties like draw 2 or 4, that requires a player to draw more blocks. The one who topples the tower loses.


Stressed? 5 Quick Games to Try Between Breaks (Scrabble)Scrabble
The oldest board game in the list so far, Scrabble, the classic word game, was introduced by American architect Alfred Mosher Butts. Since then, it has challenged ordinary minds and grammar experts alike, especially with the infamous “Q” tile. Each game generally lasts under an hour, with up to 4 players, and in some instances, 5 players are acceptable.


Stressed? 5 Quick Games to Try Between Breaks (Playing Cards)Playing Cards
Even older than Scrabble, classic playing cards consisting of a deck of King, Queen, Jack, hearts, clovers and diamonds, sometimes Jokers, is the modern rendition of a 9th century Chinese playing cards. Possible games are endless, and depending on company policy, you may be able to play all in under 30 minutes, except gambling-leaning ones.


These are only few of the many things you can do to have fun and enjoy a quick time off. Whether its as serious as Scrabble to the random fun of Jenga, the bottomline is relaxing fun, company policy-compliant, second. Quick games refreshes the mind before you return and slay your own Goliath tasks ahead.

Beat the Stress Out: Tips for a Healthier Office Life

Aden Press: Beat the Stress Out: Tips for a Healthier Office Life (Stress-2)

So many people spend their health gaining wealth and then have to spend their wealth to regain their health. – A.J. Materi

Aden Press: Beat the Stress Out: Tips for a Healthier Office Life (Stress-1)

Working eight hours a day or even extending it to nine or ten just to finish tomorrow’s deadline? Managing piles of task each day leaving your weekdays filled with work-related anxiety and stress that may slowly drain your body. Our job is a need but health is primarily essential. Daily pressures in every occupation does not only leave junk of stress, it also inhibits one to practice healthy routine at work.

To help you combat stress and in some way improve your work performance, here are six tips to delve on:

Aden Press: Beat the Stress Out: Tips for a Healthier Office Life (Stress-3)Get a healthy desktop
Office jobs usually offer sedentary occupation, your desk tends to be filled with cola or other sweet stuff. Long hours of inactivity plus regular consumption of unhealthy food leads to obesity or diabetes. Be healthy, reserve a space for a bottle of water. Taking regular sips throughout the day helps you sustain normal fluid levels and resist fatigue. Add a small dish to hold nutritious snacks like nuts, dried fruits or yogurt.

Aden Press: Beat the Stress Out: Tips for a Healthier Office Life (Stress-4)Boost the power of A
Do you get that teary/watery eye during your duty? This may be due to long exposure with laptop monitor’s bright light. This excessive contact to radiation may put you at risk. Protect your eyes against the effects of free radicals by increasing your consumption of Vitamin A and E. Mixing some carrots in your packed lunch is a good way to sharpen your vision and protect your eyes from harmful radicals.

Aden Press: Beat the Stress Out: Tips for a Healthier Office Life (Stress-5)Keep moving
Sitting for hours can cause tissues and joint inflammation on your lower back. Constant keyboard work may cause inflammation in your wrists. To help fight stresses, do some regular neck and shoulder stretches; get up from your desk at frequent intervals; and get a short walk during lunch break. Enroll to yoga or gym to burn accrued fats from inactivity.

Aden Press: Beat the Stress Out: Tips for a Healthier Office Life (Stress-6)Eat with your colleagues
Lunch is an important time of the day for each employee. Mid-morning meetings or early deadline can cause them emotional strain and mid-day meal is their escape resort for breathing out. Eating together with your workmates not only helps you to relax but also to digest your food properly. Don’t forget to take a snack too, but not too much, as it induces extra sleepiness and calories that are hard to get rid.

Aden Press: Beat the Stress Out: Tips for a Healthier Office Life (Stress-7)Go easy with (instant) coffee
Coffee and other caffeine-rich products are popular, especially for night shift dutie, to stay alert and concentrate on the daily set of tasks. Coffee has a lot of benefits, but not all coffees are created equal. Instant coffee can cause heart disease and insomnia, try brewed coffee instead. Ideal coffee consumption must only be up to four cups. Also, other alternatives for coffee like green tea, chamomile and mint tea.

Aden Press: Beat the Stress Out: Tips for a Healthier Office Life (Stress-8)Join corporate team-buildings
Team building is not simply a channel for recreation, but also a stress reliever and reward for hard work. Long hours of work in a routinary office environment can be stressful and detrimental to overall health. Corporate outing with customary activities helps stimulate employees’ creativity and boosts their leadership skills and morale.

Aden Press: Beat the Stress Out: Tips for a Healthier Office Life (Stress-8)

Aiming for a good career track and earning for a better living is good however, health should not be taken for granted. Our job is a good source of income but we should not be slaves of it.