4 Font Facts Before Choosing

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In a world where attraction matters, words still deliver a clear message where images can only provoke and confuse.

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While pictures tell a thousand words, a carefully-crafted tagline in the right font narrows the message to a central theme. Conventional Times New Roman or Arial may work for your printed documents, but looks cheap online, even on posters. Forget Comic Sans or Monotype Corvisa. Getting the right font also gets you the right customers and turn off readers or potential clients, and gets the right message across.

Here’s a few things to remember:

What is sans serif and serif?
San serif and serif refers to the two largest font families. Serif refers to the font with tailed edges, as in the conventional Times New Roman font. While sans serif, as the French “sans” or “none” in English indicates, simply means the font lacks flourishes or curved ends. It rose from the need for straight, clear graphics in the onset of mass-produced recruitment posters for the military and the war effort.

Which font to use?
Serif fonts, by historical precedent, work best with the industry that invented it: Printing. Serifs effectively guide reading by defining points. Extra flourishes aid in maintaining readability, especially when reproduced. Sans serif on the other hand came into popularity with the rise of the internet, but first came into being with the onset of computers. While serif fonts continued to dominate Word-printed files, computer prompts use sans serif.

Sans Serif-3Why use san serif fonts online?
The current trend for minimalism highlights the growing need and use for san serif fonts. More than just readability and clarity, san serif fonts exude simple elegance and modernity, which complements mobile-ready websites. As font size is reduced, especially on mobile viewing, san serif fonts retain a certain amount of fullness and readability that otherwise would have been compromised with serif fonts.

Are sans serif fonts expensive?
Not quite. A number of websites offer free sans serif font downloads beyond customary free Microsoft Office sans serif fonts for printing. When used in a commercial scale, be sure to have a quick check on licensing, as some free fonts only allow use for non-commercial purposes. For use in websites, it’s more complicated as WordPress blogs for example employs a plug-in code, but free font hosting options have increased recently.


Beat the Stress Out: Tips for a Healthier Office Life

Aden Press: Beat the Stress Out: Tips for a Healthier Office Life (Stress-2)

So many people spend their health gaining wealth and then have to spend their wealth to regain their health. – A.J. Materi

Aden Press: Beat the Stress Out: Tips for a Healthier Office Life (Stress-1)

Working eight hours a day or even extending it to nine or ten just to finish tomorrow’s deadline? Managing piles of task each day leaving your weekdays filled with work-related anxiety and stress that may slowly drain your body. Our job is a need but health is primarily essential. Daily pressures in every occupation does not only leave junk of stress, it also inhibits one to practice healthy routine at work.

To help you combat stress and in some way improve your work performance, here are six tips to delve on:

Aden Press: Beat the Stress Out: Tips for a Healthier Office Life (Stress-3)Get a healthy desktop
Office jobs usually offer sedentary occupation, your desk tends to be filled with cola or other sweet stuff. Long hours of inactivity plus regular consumption of unhealthy food leads to obesity or diabetes. Be healthy, reserve a space for a bottle of water. Taking regular sips throughout the day helps you sustain normal fluid levels and resist fatigue. Add a small dish to hold nutritious snacks like nuts, dried fruits or yogurt.

Aden Press: Beat the Stress Out: Tips for a Healthier Office Life (Stress-4)Boost the power of A
Do you get that teary/watery eye during your duty? This may be due to long exposure with laptop monitor’s bright light. This excessive contact to radiation may put you at risk. Protect your eyes against the effects of free radicals by increasing your consumption of Vitamin A and E. Mixing some carrots in your packed lunch is a good way to sharpen your vision and protect your eyes from harmful radicals.

Aden Press: Beat the Stress Out: Tips for a Healthier Office Life (Stress-5)Keep moving
Sitting for hours can cause tissues and joint inflammation on your lower back. Constant keyboard work may cause inflammation in your wrists. To help fight stresses, do some regular neck and shoulder stretches; get up from your desk at frequent intervals; and get a short walk during lunch break. Enroll to yoga or gym to burn accrued fats from inactivity.

Aden Press: Beat the Stress Out: Tips for a Healthier Office Life (Stress-6)Eat with your colleagues
Lunch is an important time of the day for each employee. Mid-morning meetings or early deadline can cause them emotional strain and mid-day meal is their escape resort for breathing out. Eating together with your workmates not only helps you to relax but also to digest your food properly. Don’t forget to take a snack too, but not too much, as it induces extra sleepiness and calories that are hard to get rid.

Aden Press: Beat the Stress Out: Tips for a Healthier Office Life (Stress-7)Go easy with (instant) coffee
Coffee and other caffeine-rich products are popular, especially for night shift dutie, to stay alert and concentrate on the daily set of tasks. Coffee has a lot of benefits, but not all coffees are created equal. Instant coffee can cause heart disease and insomnia, try brewed coffee instead. Ideal coffee consumption must only be up to four cups. Also, other alternatives for coffee like green tea, chamomile and mint tea.

Aden Press: Beat the Stress Out: Tips for a Healthier Office Life (Stress-8)Join corporate team-buildings
Team building is not simply a channel for recreation, but also a stress reliever and reward for hard work. Long hours of work in a routinary office environment can be stressful and detrimental to overall health. Corporate outing with customary activities helps stimulate employees’ creativity and boosts their leadership skills and morale.

Aden Press: Beat the Stress Out: Tips for a Healthier Office Life (Stress-8)

Aiming for a good career track and earning for a better living is good however, health should not be taken for granted. Our job is a good source of income but we should not be slaves of it.

4 Reasons Why Your Company Should Blog

Man reading on his tablet (4 Reasons Why Your Company Should Blog)

What used to be simply an online personal journal, corporations are now turning to blogs.

Company Blog (Figures)


Blogs are as old as the internet itself, but it only saw advent in the Southeast Asian senses in 1998. Most were anchored on platforms like LiveJournal. Both have since been overtaken by WordPress and Blogspot.

Even corporations are ditching their hard copy newsletters for blogs. Why? An obvious benefit is that publishing online costs less than printing a thousand pamphlets, while some adopted an environment-friendly CSR. This paperless approach gives them credibility, or perhaps an excuse to cut cost on paper wastage. While in countries such as the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia, almost half of the populations are online.

Here’s why you should start blogging now:
Company Blog (Web traffic)Drives and converts traffic

Blogs in your website increase your search engine optimization (SEO) ranking, as it provides a platform for infusing search-friendly keywords. More relevant keywords and articles in your blog means more site traffic and provides you a bigger space or possibility of being found by scouting potential clients. While traditional lead gen dictates you build connections, online blogs reverses the process and connects interested leads to you!

Company Blog (Credibility)Establishes credibility
Client trust and industry credibility are two things that cannot be established overnight. Though a correlation can be made from the University of Miami study that talkative kids tend to be more successful or get hired to better jobs in adulthood. Think about talking your way into credibility. “Corporate talkativeness” should be translated to writing abundantly about what you’re good at, and blogs provide that needed platform.

Company Blog (Investment)Marketing investment
Blogs form a cost-effective measure in launching or complementing low-key or test campaigns. Think less of artificial boosting; relevant content is key, local context does magic too. It tows the line between an award-winning campaign or a total PR disaster. Experiences like that of Ace Hardware in the Philippines last April 2016, shows what magic content curation and building can do to marketing.

Company Blog (Relationship)Fosters customer relationship
As with any relationship, building relationships involves a constant stream of concise, informative and relevant exchange of ideas. While we may not be able to visit or invite clients over for coffee and perhaps, even chat with random followers on the street, blogs provide a conversation starter. Make sure your blog has a curated comments section for you to start a talk, and perhaps give info’s on how to reach you soonest.

Company Blog (Journal)

Best news yet? Blogging doesn’t have to be an everyday matter. Just whip out content or articles twice a week to create anticipation and consistency.

Keep the Spirit Burning: Ascend Group’s Secret to Employee Satisfaction

Ascend Culture-5

Successful companies consider good customer service as a major keystone of growth, however, there’s one missing link.

Ascend Group's Secret (Ascend Culture)

Customer service may bring in continuous revenue, but employee satisfaction actually keeps it alive in the first place. Ascend Group drives to redefine not just online services but also the quality of employee life and career growth. With the launch of affiliates like Aden in the ASEAN, Ascend Group exports this unique culture of good employee relationship and high-spirited working environment.

How’s it done? Here are some examples we’ve found around Ascend ventures in the region:

Ascend Group's Secret (Ascend Culture 2)Monday breakfast  meals
Employees’ battle with the morning rush and traffic jam daily, and sometimes an intended skip of breakfast to meet the rush. Monday morning meets Ascend employees of Manila with a load free of breakfast. Cheese steak, clubhouse, bread and coffee, to simply eggs with a pleasure of bacon and hotdog are some of the company’s way of incentive to make sure that a new week gets a good kick start.

Ascend Group's Secret (Ascend Culture 3)Friday afternoon snacks
Thank God it’s Friday at Ascend’s free snacks and drinks. Mid-afternoon refreshments help each worker finish the Friday haste with joy and grace. Escape for a few minutes, breath out from today’s deadline rush, laugh for a while. Each worker at Ascend is given a little time to unwind amidst the fast pacing day. Perhaps adrink or two all the way can accomplish hardier tasks ahead.

Ascend Group's Secret (Ascend Culture 4)Game room facility
Game room at Ascend also functions as a recreation area used for variety of purposes such as parties, movie night, quick meetings and other casual use. Graphs and charts, heaps of inbounding items, and queueing customer calls might bring down employees and leave them drained after an intense day of work. It serves as an outlet to replenish, boost morale, and even improve camaraderie among the employees.

Ascend Group's Secret (Ascend Culture 5)Friday night specials
Board game battles, movie night, chips and drinks on a Friday night. Seasonally, these brings a much needed pause for a string of overtime work that sometimes eats up a weekend. These are just some of the activities during Friday evening conducted at Ascend office as stress reliever and a bit of past time while the employees are waiting for the perennial traffic jam to ease.

Ascend Group's Secret (Ascend Culture 6)Team building activities
Activities like in-between break for fun activities or taking the employees out of the office helps them eliminate distractions and simply have fun. Out-of-town with custom activities in corporate team buildings improve organizational productivity and identify team’s strengths and weaknesses. It is also a way of resolving personal issues among a particular group, improving the worker’s morale and leadership skills.

GAscend Group's Secret (Ascend Culture 7)enerosity Jar
Fostering teamwork also means teaching everyone how to share extra bit of blessings for others that may not enjoy as much. This is the spirit of why the “Generosity Jar” was placed, especially for employees that need extra food to get by another salary day. Candies, packaged food and other dry edibles can be placed inside designated jars. Now, even the counter-top itself now serves as one big jar.

Culture, or specifically “corporate culture,” is a continues process that goes through a bit of test and trials, but for sure, a culture that embraces employee welfare is on the road of success. Perhaps, we need to look at things on another perspective, or in the case of Ascend — the Kaizen perspective.

Ascend Group's Secret (Ascend Culture 8)

Is your company on the right track? Try these activities to take your employee satisfaction to a whole new level.