4 Reasons Why Your Company Should Blog

Man reading on his tablet (4 Reasons Why Your Company Should Blog)

What used to be simply an online personal journal, corporations are now turning to blogs.

Company Blog (Figures)


Blogs are as old as the internet itself, but it only saw advent in the Southeast Asian senses in 1998. Most were anchored on platforms like LiveJournal. Both have since been overtaken by WordPress and Blogspot.

Even corporations are ditching their hard copy newsletters for blogs. Why? An obvious benefit is that publishing online costs less than printing a thousand pamphlets, while some adopted an environment-friendly CSR. This paperless approach gives them credibility, or perhaps an excuse to cut cost on paper wastage. While in countries such as the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia, almost half of the populations are online.

Here’s why you should start blogging now:
Company Blog (Web traffic)Drives and converts traffic

Blogs in your website increase your search engine optimization (SEO) ranking, as it provides a platform for infusing search-friendly keywords. More relevant keywords and articles in your blog means more site traffic and provides you a bigger space or possibility of being found by scouting potential clients. While traditional lead gen dictates you build connections, online blogs reverses the process and connects interested leads to you!

Company Blog (Credibility)Establishes credibility
Client trust and industry credibility are two things that cannot be established overnight. Though a correlation can be made from the University of Miami study that talkative kids tend to be more successful or get hired to better jobs in adulthood. Think about talking your way into credibility. “Corporate talkativeness” should be translated to writing abundantly about what you’re good at, and blogs provide that needed platform.

Company Blog (Investment)Marketing investment
Blogs form a cost-effective measure in launching or complementing low-key or test campaigns. Think less of artificial boosting; relevant content is key, local context does magic too. It tows the line between an award-winning campaign or a total PR disaster. Experiences like that of Ace Hardware in the Philippines last April 2016, shows what magic content curation and building can do to marketing.

Company Blog (Relationship)Fosters customer relationship
As with any relationship, building relationships involves a constant stream of concise, informative and relevant exchange of ideas. While we may not be able to visit or invite clients over for coffee and perhaps, even chat with random followers on the street, blogs provide a conversation starter. Make sure your blog has a curated comments section for you to start a talk, and perhaps give info’s on how to reach you soonest.

Company Blog (Journal)

Best news yet? Blogging doesn’t have to be an everyday matter. Just whip out content or articles twice a week to create anticipation and consistency.