8 Reasons Why Great Unique Content Sells

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Bill Gates’ “Content is King” classic statement is more than just being search-friendly, it also means cold hard cash.

8 Reasons Why Great Unique Content Sells (Workspace Writing)


8 Reasons Why Great Unique Content Sells (Google)Appease the “Google gods”
Copy-pasting content from brand websites to your eCommerce platform might be the easier approach of populating content, but it might be doing more harm to your sales. While it’s a eneral principle that more items onboard attracts customers, it cannot be necessarily said of online commerce. While millions of cash are spent on artificial boosting, all you have to do is simply appease Google by placing unique content.

8 Reasons Why Great Unique Content Sells (File Search)Easier searchability
Populating unique content on your website also means a higher concentration of key words. What is a keyword and how relevant is it? Keywords are simply a group of words people input in Google or other search engines to look for an item. Heavier but nevertheless still organic placement of key words increases rankings but not only that, also the probability of being searched in the first place.

8 Reasons Why Great Unique Content Sells (Sales Choices)Increase sales prospect
While businesses bank on too much on branding, we should never forget why items sell: utility. Whether for fun or serious work, understanding also sells. After all, what’s the use of a Macbook, for example, with people always mobile? That’s where creativity does the trick, crafting unique cross-selling propositions that customers may have never though of. Again, on Macbook for “nomads?” Edit and store your best photos yet.

8 Reasons Why Great Unique Content Sells (Customer Engagement)Engage your customers
The hallmark of a successful business is great customer service. Attracting customers is never an end in itself, but a means to kick start a working relationship with not just a customer but a loyal customer. But customer service is not just about answering calls, it’s also about engagement. Posting articles like how to’s or a review and comparison between smartphones, for example, transforms one-time buyers to loyal followers.

8 Reasons Why Great Unique Content Sells (Surf)Surfing like a boss
Why be contented on steady sales, when you can rule online commerce? But, there would be no conquering to do if you bleed wads of cash just to wrestle every space in the internet for banner ads or YouTube video plugs. Producing unique content in form of blogs or articles, apart from classic product descriptions, increases your web authority. Simply put, people don’t just see you as an expert, but as “king” of the industry.

8 Reasons Why Great Unique Content Sells (Marketing Dummy)Marketing for dummies
Certainly, pictures (graphics and infographics at that) paint a thousand words, but which of these words would you want your customers to hear? For eCommerce websites, down to the simplest campaigns, there’s only one message we want customers to hear: BUY. Content and marketing strategies should always work hand in hand in attracting customers and encouraging to not just buy once, but always prefer you.

8 Reasons Why Great Unique Content Sells (Magnet Merchants)Magnet potential merchants
How you utilize contacts speak much about business efficiency, but forget crafty gimmicks. Reverse lead gen strategies from attracting to magnetizing clients. What’s the difference? Clients are as modern as you, they also look to the internet for better selling opportunities. Attracting clients mean wooing through theoretics, but magnetizing them means they come to you because they always see you in the internet!

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However we define advantages of content writing, we will still be left with a 1001 more reasons why it will rock your sales and overall performance. Best of all, it can be done free with a dose of patience and of course, fulfilled and satisfied employees. Speaking of, you might want to check that one out too here.

5 Payment Solution Tips to Remember

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Easier payment options define your market reach, customer satisfaction and loyalty.

5 Payment Solution Tips to Remember (Credit Card)

eCommerce offers an easier shopping choice for both household essentials and rare favorites, made a necessity by notoriously heavy traffic in Southeast Asia’s major cities. Growing delivery options significantly decreased delivery time to a day in certain cities. Talk about guilt-inducing shopping options sans the tiring walk and carry, right at your fingertips. This also means that paying should be way easier than queuing for hours in long lines.

5 Payment Solution Tips to Remember (Type)Offer as many payment options
While variety boost up sales, offering varieties of payment options also attracts all types of customers. Cash on delivery lets you attract middle income families that are otherwise wary of credit cards. While payments through payment centers enable customers to think through their purchases and lessens the pressure of otherwise needing to cancel orders.

5 Payment Solution Tips to Remember (Coins)Consider online payment methods

PayPal led the way in popularizing online payments, receiving or transferring cash and funds from border to border with minimal to no extra charge. But PayPal isn’t the only online payment solution. TrueMoney for example by Ascend Group specializes in payment solutions for its Thailand base, with presences in Cambodia, Myanmar and Indonesia, and is set to expand operations in Southeast Asia.

5 Payment Solution Tips to Remember (Checklist)Make payment terms as simple as possible
Just like in literature, keeping things straight and simple always make a great story, a testimonial that is for repeat customers. Customers often get turned off by too many information forms required. Simplify or reduce information required as possible but better yet, auto-generate content in form fields for ease, especially if the information required has been filled in other related websites in the past.

5 Payment Solution Tips to Remember (Online Shopping)Offer staggered credit card payments
Not all credit card owners can afford immediate payments and may opt for laddered payment schemes whenever possible. While banks occasionally introduce downpayment terms for partner businesses, it would be better if your business would be first to implement the measure. Be sure to consult your finance team and banks affiliated in order to avoid unnecessary penalties or faster arrangements.

5 Payment Solution Tips to Remember (Delivery)Make cancellations and refunds easier too
While it hurts to have to cancel orders, accept product returns that may cannot be resold and facilitate refunds, your assistance and speed can make an impression. They can go back soonest and this time purchase successfully in your website. As much as payment terms need to be simple, so too should this otherwise lengthy process in order to translate a cancellation into a future and continuing revenue.

Fruits (Traffic (4 Reasons Why Your Company Should Blog)

Add a bit more customer service and after sales service, now you have a recipe for success. Remember, more than just the offerings and services, it’s the experience that matters most. Take these tips to heart, you’re a step closer to snag that eCommerce success story.

7 Golden eCommerce Tips


eCommerce — an industry both exciting and unknown at the same time.

7 Golden eCommerce Tips (ecommerce mobility)

Navigating through eCommerce complexities require long-term planning and guts to survive an increasingly competitive online world. Aden knows your struggles, so here are seven golden tips you need to keep in mind before setting the D-day.

7 Golden eCommerce Tips (Aden eCommerce Rocket Launch)

Launch only when ready
No matter how big or small the business is, venture into the wilderness of eCommerce always prepared and ready for all possible challenges, obstacles and hindrances. Unseen circumstances do bring a bump or two, but a carefully-crafted business plan steers the course, even through rough weather.

Tip: Be sure to get everyone involved from top to bottom, no suggestion, big or small, isn’t helpful.


7 Golden eCommerce Tips (King Content)Plan and make original content
“Content is king,” so says Bill Gates, but that was dated not 2016 but 1996! The rise of Google from obscurity to a preferred search engine since 2004 also marked the popularity of “search engine optimization” or SEO. Sounds scary for laymen, isn’t it? It does, but a quick check on how Google developed would tell you that the only secret to SEO is great, relevant content, all else second.

Tip: Just as “copying” will land you into trouble in college, so will it get you in trouble with “Google University.” Be sure to not just produce content, produce original, constantly-changing content.


7 Golden eCommerce Tips (Planning Ahead)Automatic processes, plan ahead
The “e” in eCommerce means a lot when formulating processes for your incoming business online. E for “electronic” implies a certain level of automation. Automation means easier, streamlined inputs and outputs, so user-friendliness must always remain key. It saves you time for other processes that matter, and environment-friendly too with less use of paper. But of course, there will always be room for manual audits seasonally.

Tip: Talk to your tech and computing personnel for available options for automation. It doesn’t have to be expensive, for open-sourcing gave us the miracle of free apps in beta or even full versions for free!


7 Golden eCommerce Tips (mCommerce)Go Mobile
And no, mobile does not always equate to mobile apps. While mobile apps give you liberty for monitoring mobile-based sales, it runs you the risk of lost investment due to low downloads and extra maintenance. In fact, please delay that mobile app until two to three years in operation. Thankfully, just mobile-optimizing your website will do the trick. The beauty runs with careful planning and of course, a great website template to work with.

Tip: Look out for add-ons or website apps you can embed to count usage and access from mobile devices. This may give you a timeframe in launching your store app.


7 Golden eCommerce Tips (foolproof switch)Regularly foolproof your system
Never play God, nothing man-made will ever be 100% perfect. All systems have loopholes or bugs, maybe not now, but sooner, it will manifest. Regularly updating not just your tech components, but also process workflows, will save you and your business. It would lessen emergency decisions nor even prevent you from arriving there in the first place. Just as meetings may sound preposterous to some, it does help you be aligned with the process.

Tip: Management should meet once a week in order to discuss recurring or new issues. While managers ought to meet with their subordinates at least once a month. Go grassroots, and it isn’t just meant for government.


7 Golden eCommerce Tips (local Christmas)Always remember local context
Regional pride exists in places like Southeast Asia as a consequence of colonialism, and does exist too in countries like Thailand, which was never colonized. Tailor-fitting your strategies in the local context attracts attention from otherwise untapped markets. But how about archipelago countries like Indonesia and the Philippines? Daily contextualization is impractical, but careful planning and a note on nuances would do them justice.

Tip: Have a list of major festivals in large locales like big cities and provinces. A greeting in their local language or even a locale-specific sale would boost site traffic, popularity and even website authority.


7 Golden eCommerce Tips (personal communication)Keep it “professionally personal”
Relax, infusing a bit of casual would not kill you. But yes, always keep a bit of respectable distance between you and your customers. Interspersing your usual press release and corporate news with relevant “breathers” or articles that attract or address your personal need goes a long way. It tells your customers that after all, your company is still composed of real people. Real people that understands their concerns, ergo, consistently good services.

Tip: Be in touch with the latest trends and current events, do articles like movie reviews on a blockbuster movie. But a simpler recourse can include answering comments on social media seasonally.


Bonus tip: Choose Aden. Here’s why, and don’t forget to send us a message, we’d love to hear from you.

Aden: From History to Making History


Aden: Not the Arab port city, but Southeast Asia’s fastest growing fulfillment firm.

Aden: From History to Making History (aden warehouse 1)

Google Search in 2014 would yield “Aden” results mostly from the history conflict-ridden Yemen’s once prosperous port of Aden. Aden, an order fulfillment and logistics company founded in Bangkok, draws inspiration from this medieval city. It was an ancient logistics hub for exports from spices and gems, even Thai ivory. Aden believes that the future of commerce and development lies in diverse but talent-rich Southeast Asia.

Aden: From History to Making History (aden warehouse 2)ASEAN eCommerce simplified
Aden today represents Thailand and Southeast Asia’s dream of eCommerce fulfillment fit for the diverse markets, comprised of a largely-untapped rural clientele. Aden: From History to Making History (aden warehouse 3)It was initially established primarily to complement the eCommerce platforms of Ascend Group, iTrueMart. It boasts of about 8,000 sq.m. of warehouse space to serve an initial 8,000 orders per day, with a peak of 17,000 orders.

A marked increase in online shopping among the younger customers and the BPO sector particularly in the Philippines, average orders peak to 20,000 a day. It represents a steady albeit slow shift towards door to door fulfillment.

Aden: From History to Making History (aden warehouse 4) In Thailand, Aden follows a delivery window of 1-2 days for urban and provincial deliveries. An average of 98% fulfillment and delivery for same day orders, only differing for larger appliances and equipment. The delivery service includes cash on delivery service, amounting to 50% of payment options in Thailand.

Aden’s success with iTrueMart enabled the company to expand to another Ascend Group subsidiary service, WeLoveShopping, and the first non-Ascend client, Tarad.

Expansion in the ASEAN
Success with Ascend and non-Ascend accounts gave an encouraging outlook towards expansions in Southeast Asia. Philippine warehouse operations from the Aden hub in Pasig, a sub-urban industrial commune east of Manila, operates on a nationwide basis. It primarily serves the iTrueMart customer base in the archipelago.

In order to support business to business (B2B) and business to client (B2C) operations of Ascend, Aden expanded to an end-to-end service. It specifically targets the open market potential towards expansion in the ASEAN economic corridor. Aden drives to kickstart and broaden eCommerce development in the region. It builds up underserved but potential eCommerce players from platform development to store management.

Aden: From History to Making History (aden warehouse 5)

As part of its expansion, Aden aims to establish key presences in Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia by 2017.