Your empowerment is our delight, as we aim to become the most efficient and trusted eCommerce enabler in Southeast Asia.
As our company grows, we zealously extend our expertise and provide quality but affordable services.


March 25 I  Aden’s Birth:

Aden’s 5,000sqm fulfillment center launches in Thailand.

APRIL 2015 I FMS launch:

Aden launches its own Fulfillment Management System.

MAY 2015 I Order #1: 

First customer made happy with a Pikachu Pokemon Plush Doll!

SEPTEMBER 2015 I 500k:

500,000 orders fulfilled. 500k happy customers so far.

DECEMBER 2015 I First Million:

1,000,000th order fulfilled; 1,000,000 customers served.

NOVEMBER 2015 I 17k Daily:

11:11 Orders boost to 17,000 in 1 day! All orders fulfilled.

NOVEMBER 2015 I Pinoy flag waves: 

Aden fulfillment center launches in the Philippines

JANUARY 2016 | Growing bigger

Thailand warehouse is expanded to 7,300sqm.

MAY 2016 | More happy customers

1,500,000 orders fulfilled and counting!

JUNE 2016 I Complete eCommerce Services:

Aden officially expands to its 5 Core Services as an end-to-end eCommerce enabler.